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December 2020

Read about the new features in Thermo-Calc 2021a including 16 new databases, 6 new Property Models such as Bainite and Crack Susceptibility a new framework for user-developed Property Models, and more. Also learn about our new Korean subsidiary and the online training courses scheduled for February 2021.

July 2020

Read about the first thermophysical properties added to our databases, the kinetic model added to the Process Metallurgy Module, applications of Thermo-Calc to the aerospace industry and more.

May 2020

Read the latest peer-reviewer journal articles that use Thermo-Calc Software products in this Publication Newsletter.

April 2020

Read about free temporary licenses for those working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the new professorship we’re supporting at MIT, and more.

February 2020

Read the latest peer-reviewer journal articles that use Thermo-Calc Software products in this Publication Newsletter.

December 2019

Read about the 2020a release, which includes 8 new and updated databases, Scheil Solidification Simulations with Back Diffusion in the Primary Phase, a new general module for Yield Strength, and more!

October 2019

Read the latest peer-reviewer journal articles that use Thermo-Calc Software products in this Publication Newsletter.

July 2019

Read about the new Process Metallurgy Module for Steel and Slag applications and other upgrades in the 2019b release.

April 2019

Read about the first TC-Python training, a new Diffusion tutorial, Thermo-Calc applications to Additive Manufacturing, and more.

December 2018

Read about the Thermo-Calc 2019a release, which includes the first ever materials-specific property library for steels, expansions to TC-Python, events for 2019, and more.

March 2018

Read about the Thermo-Calc 2018a release, which includes a new Python API, TC-Python. We are offering a free trial license of TC-Python to all users with a valid Maintenance & Support Subscription until the end of 2018.

November 2017

Read all about Thermo-Calc 2017b, which was released in October 2017. This release includes the first ever CALPHAD thermodynamic database that covers both Titanium-based alloys and Titanium Aluminium-based materials in a single database, TCTI1, 3D plotting, major updates to the Diffusion Module (DICTRA), and the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), and much more.

July 2017

The Thermo-Calc 2017b release preview is here. Read about the fall release, which includes new thermodynamic and kinetic titanium databases, a new Noble Metal Alloys database, many new additions to both the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) and the Diffusion Module (DICTRA), and much more! The newsletter also includes user group meetings, presentations at EUROMAT and STEELSIM, and more.

March 2017

Thermo-Calc 2017a has arrived! DICTRA is now available in the graphical mode of Thermo-Calc, users can now create their own models for the Property Model Calculator and 12 new and updated databases are included in Thermo-Calc 2017a, making it one of our largest releases of databases ever. This newsletter also includes information on three ICME summer school programs, training in Shanghai, and more!

December 2016

Thermo-Calc 2016b has arrived! Read about the release, several papers that included Thermo-Calc in their research, and a presentation on the importance of CALPHAD, and watch our latest webinar on applications to additive manufacturing.

June 2016

Read about the Thermo-Calc 2016a release, the new Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), and the results of the 2016 customer survey, and download user group meeting presentations.


March 2016
New update available for Thermo-Calc 2015b, a study confirms substantial ROI from materials modelling, several journal articles, and more.


December 2015
Read about all the exciting new features in the 2015b release, which includes the new Property Model Calculator, an entirely re-written Scheil Module, a new online help system, two new databases, and much more.


September 2015
Learn about the new online help system, new training videos, a free nuclear database, and more.


June 2015
Read about the 2015a release, results from the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey, a new scholarship honouring Larry Kaufman, and the third Historic Note.


March 2015
Preview the 2015a release and learn how to add or subtract energy from a phase.

December 2014

Learn about the Thermo-Calc 4.1 release, which includes a new solar grade silicon database, as well as a competition to win a complete Materials Genome Tool kit.


September 2014
Learn about the new free nuclear database, Pittsburgh’s long contribution to the steel industry, and the life of Josiah Willard Gibbs.

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