Thermo-Calc Software Collaborator Receives Honorary Doctorate

Gregory B. Olson, a pioneer in the field of ICME and current collaborator with Thermo-Calc Software, received an honorary doctoral degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, this November.


From left to right: Annika Boregenstam, John Ågren, Gregory B. Olson and Mats Hillert

A professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University, USA, since 1988, Professor Olson is an internationally recognised leader in the field of computational materials design. In 1996 he co-founded QuesTek Innovations, LLC in order to capitalise on his innovative research.

By applying his ground breaking work, the company develop high performance alloys for businesses and governmental agencies using scientifically-based computer simulations.

Since its inception, QuesTek has designed over a dozen new alloys, and in 2010 they achieved their biggest success when their high-strength, corrosion resistant steel alloy Ferrium® S53 became the first fully computationally designed material to go into flight as part of the landing gear of a U.S. Air Force aircraft.

Professor Olson has used Thermo-Calc for many years in his Materials Design courses at Northwestern University and extensively in his work at QuesTek. In 2010, after years of informal collaboration, Professor Olson and QuesTek entered into a formal collaboration with Thermo-Calc Software to jointly develop the TC-PRISMA software package. In this collaboration, Professor Olson and QuesTek’s existing knowledge of models and algorithms for precipitation simulation software have been invaluable to the successful development of the TC-PRISMA software package.

Professor Olson was joined by four other distinguished scientists in this year’s conferment of honorary doctoral degrees by KTH. The prestigious award recognizes scientists whose work has made significant contributions to scientific advancement. This year’s honourees are being recognized for their accomplishments in systems analysis and control engineering, health, forestry products and computer science, as well as Professor Olson for Material Science. The honourees join KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s annual conferment of doctoral degrees ceremony, which took place at the Stockholm Concert Hall on Friday, November 21.

We congratulate Professor Olson on this momentous achievement and look forward to working together for many years to come.

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