Thermo-Calc Invited to Participate in European Materials Modelling Council


Thermo-Calc Software have been invited to take part in the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) International Workshop 2019 this February in Vienna, Austria. The invitation-only workshop will bring together approximately 150 experts in materials modelling to discuss the progress in the industrial deployment of materials modelling software and, according to the EMMC website, “contribute in setting a common direction among stakeholders in all areas of Materials Modelling.”

About the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC)

The European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) was founded in September 2016 with the stated mission, “to bring materials modelling closer to the demands of industry!”. Materials modelling has been shown to increase efficiency in materials research and development, but unfortunately, it has still not been universally adopted by industry. The goal of the EMMC is to understand why and to promote the integration of materials modelling into industry, particularly bringing materials modelling technology developed in university into industry.

The EMMC fulfil their mission in a variety of ways, including by working to establish a Materials Modelling Marketplace (EMMC Marketplace), a hub of information about materials modelling products, services and training, by working toward interoperability among software programs and by bringing together stakeholders to address the many and varied challenges within the industry.

Thermo-Calc Software Involvement with EMMC

Thermo-Calc Software will participate in the upcoming EMMC workshop as part of Session 11, Progress in the Industrial Deployment of Materials Modelling, where we will share our extensive experience in the industrial deployment of materials modelling software.


Anders Engström
CEO, Thermo-Calc Software

Thermo-Calc Software CEO, Anders Engström, explains that,

We are invited because Thermo-Calc is seen as a successful example of a company developing a software that is widely adopted by industrial researchers. We have been asked to share our experiences and recipes for success in this area."

Thermo-Calc was originally developed by three PhD students in the department for physical metallurgy at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, in the 1970s. Demand for the product prompted the students to continue developing the software after graduation and, eventually, to make it available commercially. This successful transition into a commercial venture makes Thermo-Calc Software ideally suited to helping others who are going through or wish to go through similar transitions.

Thermo-Calc Software are proud to take part in the International Workshop 2019 and to support the mission and work of the EMMC.

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