Customer Survey Results


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey. This year we received feedback from nearly 250 users in 37 countries. We got a lot of valuable information and have already analyzed the results and reviewed them with our board in an effort to put your responses to work.

By far the topic we received the most feedback about was examples. We understand that users would like more examples for all software packages and that many of you would like us to provide them in an easier format. Therefore, we will begin work immediately on creating more examples and making them easier to use.

We also have plans to create several new videos that will introduce users to the software and help you use it more easily, so keep an eye on our video library for new additions.

In general, most of the survey was consistent with last year’s results. On a scale of 1 to 5, we scored in the fours or high threes in all categories. Based on this and the comments, we understand that users are generally satisfied with our software and databases, but you feel there is room for improvement. We have taken note of your feedback and will work hard to improve in the areas you mentioned.

This year we received several comments from users who had questions or wanted follow up information. Unfortunately, because the survey is anonymous, we are unable to contact respondents of the survey, other than for the drawing, which is separate from the main survey. However, we welcome all users to email us any time at with questions, comments or requests. We will also include an option in next year’s survey for you to leave us your email address along with your questions or requests so that we can contact you directly.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year’s survey. We appreciate your time and honesty and we hope you are satisfied with our response to your feedback.

Thank you to all those who chose to donate their thank you gift. The winner of the €250 gift card will be announced soon!

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